Think Urban, Think Cambridge!

Have you ever heard of BACA? Bikers across the US support abused children.

BACA is probably one of the best organizations ever created to help children. Often times when things happen in our society we want to get out there and do something but few us do. BACA was created to change that, Bikers Against Child Abuse is a Nation wide organization that literally provides support and protection for abused children.

What is BACA? BACA is a sort of perfect answer to a very real problem. When a child is abused and their case goes to a social worker, that social worker can refer a local BACA Chapter to that child. Child abuse is insidious, the physical pain it causes can subside but the fear and other emotional problems can persist for years.

Once a child in need has been identified by a social worker the amazing part begins. The local BACA chapter will ride to that child’s house with upwards of 30 bikers in tow. The two closest memebers of the “gang” will be assigned to that child as their personal protectors and support. There are absolutely no words to describe how beautiful this gesture is, but the pictures do a pretty good job.

Arizona is an amazing place to live and it’s no wonder that with so many bikers, the Arizona Chapter of BACA is alive and strong. Here is an interview with the founder of BACA, we dare you to watch this without tearing up at least a little.

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