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Cambridge Properties Top 3 picks for 2013

Are you thinking that the recovery has finally turned a corner? After the investor storm last year are you ready to purchase some property in Arizona? Where are the best deals?

Do I want to buy a condo or single family house? Something to live in or something for me to rent? Where are the best 2013 Phoenix real estate deals?


1. Luxury Homes: With the rest of the market going up the Luxury Market is still in a bit of a downturn. If oyu have the money to spend then the $1m+ homes are for you. There are so many deals in Arizona luxury homes right now you’ll have your pick.

2. Condos: Last year you couldn’t even look at homes under $300k unless you had a pocket full of cash to pick it up quickly. IN the sub $300k market right now the best deals are found in Condos. This Market is doing so well that there are even new developments going up, such as Pinnacle Pointe in North Scottsdale.

3. South Scottsdale/Skysong: During the downturn one of the first things to fall from the topic of conversation was revitalization. You may not remember but the up and coming area right before prices went crazy was south Scottsdale. One of the few places to find a good deal is the area around McDowell and Scottsdale Rd.


Are you looking to jump back into the market? Now is the time. These aren’t the only deals in town but they are our top Recommendations.

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