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Housing prices are coming back, here’s a chart to prove it!

We can listen to reports telling us the housing market is coming back until we are blue in the face. At Cambridge Properties we are the leaders in Luxury Urban living but we’re also visual learners, so we made a graph.



What we find most interesting is that although most people are widely reporting that the uptick in housing is only due to investors picking up lower end properties, you can see that the trend in higher priced homes is going up as well.

This is good news for our clients, Cambridge Properties is the leader in Luxury urban living and it’s good to see our market is starting to come back as well!


180sqft Beach hut sells for 170k in Dorset, England.

180sqft Beach hut sells for 170k in Dorset, England.

At Cambridge Properties we’ve dealt with some interesting spaces in the Phoenix market. We’ve sold high rise lofts downtown and resort villa’s in Paradise Vallley at Montelucia,┬ábut we’ve never sold a house at almost 1k/sqft!

We understand that in England land is scarce, but the fact that this property doesn’t have running hot water makes us thankful we live and work in Arizona.