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Posts tagged “Scottsdale AZcentral to get a paywall, will it work?

It’s been a few years since the first PayWall’s were erected across the web, famously the New York Times  the Wall Street Journal have seen some better than expected success. Other media outlets like the Washington Post however refuse to go the pay model but it looks like that infamous “Paywall” is coming  to a local news site near you! has gained a reputation as the online goto source for Arizonan’s looking for state news. But is their monopoly on AZ culture strong enough for the Republics’ PayWall to generate serious revenue? Arizonans by our very nature are not intensely loyal, we come from all over the country and some people still like to get their news from “back home.”

The Arizona Republic fought hard in the early days of the web bringing many independent bloggers under on roof to create a powerhouse of local content, these days if it’s not on AZcentral it might as well not be happening. But can that last? Is AZcentral truly a factory of sought after original content? Or is it merely a great aggregator that will soon be replaced by young scrappy independent sites?

Time will tell if this was a smart move, but until next week get your fill of all the local stories you can handle!