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What is your favorite neighborhood?

The Valley has started to come into it’s own. The different areas of town have really started to Identify their own cultures and leaders. As the Phoenix area grows and expands we would love to hear your favorite things about either the neighborhood you live in or want to live in.


What’s your favorite resturant? Store owner? Is there a little business complex you’d like to see revitalized? Cambridge Properties is excited about being your partner in the development and urbanization of Phoenix, we hope you feel the same.



Arizona Originals: Steve Vizzerra, The Blue Jean Buyer

In the late 1980’s when Levi’s were still made here in the USA, some young Arizonan entrepreneurs saw a business opportunity. like most twenty year olds Steve Vizzerra was just working a regular job when he heard about an opportunity that would change his life.

“Some friends of mine started a company buying vintage jeans and selling them overseas”, Vizzerra said from behind the counter of his Tempe shop. “We would buy jeans from all the old ranchers in Avondale, fill our backpacks, and travel across Europe all summer selling jeans.”

This is not a terrible way to spend your life right out of college and so in 1987 Steve joined the business full time. They had a strong buyer in Switzerland and before they knew it they had two storefronts there selling old Levi’s. In 1994 Vizzerra bought the business and ran with it. At its height, The Blue Jean Buyer had 13 locations across the world and Vizzerra was regularly scheduling buying trips across the southwest United States.

“We would advertise in an old mining town for weeks before we would show up. We’d rent a motel room on the ground floor, and in the morning we’d just setup a table right infront of our room. After spending all day buying we would have enough inventory for the next couple months. The best part was hearing the stories behind some of those old jeans, it was a lot of fun!”

Vizzerra was flying high, he’d taken the business from a fun hobby to being a real player in the industry. His industry though, was about to be shaken to it’s core. Levi’s jeanswere so desirable outside the U.S. because they were American made. “The second Levi’s moved their manufacturing overseas, our orders dried up.” Vizzerra recalls with an obvious tone of sadness. “We went from shipping thousands of pairs a month to 500 pairs every couple of months.

Today, Vizzerra’s shop in south Tempe is sustained through repeat business, word of mouth, and the almost constant stream of repair and custom business. Vizzerra has earned the title “Denim Doctor of Arizona” and should you ever decide to own a pair of his custom jeans you’ll understand why.

The Blue Jean Buyer has made a quiet but strong impact on the world’s fashion in a very real way. What’s just as significant is the impact Steve’s outlook should have on young entrepreneurs across Arizona. When I walked in to talk to Steve I thought I was going to get a cool story about a vintage store that loves it’s Levi’s. What I got was an insight into how to be more like an Arizona original “It’s like I say to my kids, if you’re going to do something make sure you love it otherwise you’re wasting you’re time.”

What is the Phoenix Style Collective?


Started by a small but potent community of bloggers and local fashionistas, the Phoenix Style Collective is shining a spotlight on the Phoenix style scene.  Back in February our own Graham McBain went to the PSC launch event to see what these high fashion pioneers have in store for the valley.  Here is what Graham had to say about the event:

I was invited to the PSC launch event in February and immediately after hearing what it was all about I knew I had to attend. Upon arrival I was greeted by one of my favorite sites, the Luncha Libre Food truck, which is known as one of the best food trucks in the valley.

After meeting the organizers immediately it became apparent that these people have something Phoenix is in desperate need of; style. The people behind the Phoenix Style collective are an eclectic mix of artist, entrepreneur’s and journalists all with the singular goal of putting Phoenix culture on the map.

The conference was held at GrowOp downtown which describes itself as, “Specializing in handcrafted, hand-selected vintage, found, and artisan made goods.” Their mission too, is a sentiment often lacking among new businesses, “GROWop is a creative community of artists and entrepreneurs in Downtown Phoenix. The boutique is designed as an incubator for these individuals to develop and grow their small businesses.”

Spending the evening with a group of such young and talented Phoenicians re-ignited my passion for all things Phoenix. I joined Cambridge Properties because much like the Phoenix Style Collective, Cambridge Properties is committed to re-defining what it means to live in Phoenix.


Web based Phoenix clothing business takes the high price out of high fashion.

Web based Phoenix clothing business take the high price out of high fashion.

Not everybody can afford to re-stock their closet every couple of months, even in Arizona where we only have two seasons. That’s why Phoenix based entrepreneur Mandy Russell started an online fashion exchange.

Russell has carved a unique niche for herself through her online store, she also offers an interesting service she calls a “closet sweep”. What is a closet sweep? We’ll let Mandy tell you, “In the Phoenix area we have also launched a Closet Sweep service for fashionistas with 10+ designer items. We come to their home and help weed through their closet for things to resell for them or donate to local charities.”

At Cambridge we love to see young Arizonan’s getting out there and starting businesses, it’s people like Mandy Russell who are helping to turn Phoenix into the Modern Urban metropolis we all envision.

Interested in having your closet swept? Head over to and check them out!