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Cambridge Architect Highlight: Paul Williams

When you think of classic southern California architecture a certain image comes to mind. What you may not know, is that same image first appeared in the mind of Paul Williams, master architect. Arriving at LAX one of the first things you are confronted with is one of William’s most Famous works, seen here:


Throughout his career, Williams created over 2500 buildings from homes to churches. His style and reputation for quality have insured his buildings a place in Architectural history. To this day whenever one of his homes goes on the market it’s sold within days, a testament to his enduring style.

Many of the details Williams included in his homes have since become standard in high end estates. One of the most striking features he often used was a grand staircase near the entrances to his homes. Here you can see the staircase of his personal home, the way it so perfectly wraps the chandelier illustrates his attention to detail.


Paul Williams was so┬áinfluential and prolific that it’s hard to imagine the landscape of southern California without him. Paul Williams owes his fame to the city Los Angeles that brought him into the spotlight, but unlike most it can be argued that Los Angeles owes just as much to Paul Williams.