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Web based Phoenix clothing business takes the high price out of high fashion.

Web based Phoenix clothing business take the high price out of high fashion.

Not everybody can afford to re-stock their closet every couple of months, even in Arizona where we only have two seasons. That’s why Phoenix based entrepreneur Mandy Russell started an online fashion exchange.

Russell has carved a unique niche for herself through her online store, she also offers an interesting service she calls a “closet sweep”. What is a closet sweep? We’ll let Mandy tell you, “In the Phoenix area we have also launched a Closet Sweep service for fashionistas with 10+ designer items. We come to their home and help weed through their closet for things to resell for them or donate to local charities.”

At Cambridge we love to see young Arizonan’s getting out there and starting businesses, it’s people like Mandy Russell who are helping to turn Phoenix into the Modern Urban metropolis we all envision.

Interested in having your closet swept? Head over to and check them out!