Think Urban, Think Cambridge!

Co+Hoots a creative co-work environment, right here in Phoenix!

When you think about open floor plan, multi business working space the image that comes to mind is of hip young professionals in San Francisco or New York. The usual school of thought is that these collaborative environments only work because rents are so high and people need to band together to save cash.

While these spaces may have been born out of such necessity, their popularity has grown because of the energy they foster. When you own your own business it can be hard to stay motivated, nobody is there to hold you accountable. When you work in a space like CO+HOOTS though, you’re accountable to all the great ideas and plans you had when you first started because you’re surrounded by people with similar goals.

What could possible be better than a co-work environment downtown? Maybe the fact that they are now moving to the newly dubbed “Washington Row” inspired by the soon to launch SeedSpot that we’re so fond of.

Are you thinking about moving your business to Washington Row? Let us know we’d love to write about it!

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