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Google Fiber is here! (Technically just in Kansas city… but still!)

Right now the options for internet in the United States are pretty slim compared to other developing nations. South Korea recently announced that it has reached the 100% access mark in wireless broadband and is the first country to do so.

The US has been playing catchup for many years mainly because of a larger service area and the complications of upgrading old networks. Google wants to change all that, a few years ago they quietly announced a project they called google fiber, and it’s finally here.

The word “here” currently only applies to Kansas City but on the Google Fiber website you can join with your neighbors to lobby google to come to your town next. You might be asking yourself, “What is it? ” well, Google fiber is an internet service provider with a business model that is sure to send your current provider asking for it mommy. Google fiber has two connection speeds, the first is free and will be comparable to your current connection, the second is a blisteringly fast 1000mp per second. How fast is 1000mb per second? Head over the the Google Fiber website and find out for yourself.

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