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If the ground wasn’t so hard here in the valley maybe we could build some houses like this. Paulo Soleri probably had something influence over the designers of these places. It’s amazing to think that he first had a vision for sustainable houses back in the seventies.


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Living underground might seem a very weird thought to many, but then, there are people who simply admire the whole idea of living underground like the Hobbits from the Tolkien’s fantasy tale. Not only it’s an unconventional and unique housing solution, the underground homes are a great option for the eco conscious homeowners who are looking to reduce their negative impact on the Mother Nature. Underground living isn’t a new-fangled idea, as early humans have been known to use caves as their homes.  If the idea of living underneath the earth has always excited you, here are some of the most amazing underground houses from around the world.


  • Underground house by SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects

This unusually modern Hobbit hole in the Swiss village of Vals has been designed by studio SeARCH Netherlands in collaboration with Christian Muller Architects. The elliptical opening of the house offers stunning Alpine view and has space for windows that fill the interior with natural light. Moreover, the house doesn’t need any heating or cooling in the summer and winter season.

  • Cave house in Festus, Missouri

If the idea of living inside a cave house excites you, better take a look at this amazing cave house from Festus, Missouri, which was done by Curt and Deborah Sleeper. The eco friendlyunderground house features geothermal heating and there is no need for any air conditioning or heating system. There are three chambers inside this huge cave house and some of the walls were kept as they were, in their natural form.

  • Malator undeground home, Druidstone

Designed by architects Future Systems for Bob Marshall-Andrews, QC, the Malator earth house in Druidstone is also known as the “Teletubby” house, as it has the turf roof, steel chimney and a peephole doorway. The Malator has just one room, which has been separated by prefab colored pods.

  • Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse

This one looks like some theme park design at the first glance. Designed by Peter Vetsch and situated in Dietikon, Switzerland, the Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse is basically a collection of nine amazing earth houses. Vetsch’s houses speak of ecological and progressive architecture. The house uses the ground as an insulating blanket and there is an artificial lake to add to its beauty.

  • KWK Promes’ modern underground house

This underground house in Lower Silesia, Poland has been designed by KWK Promes in a very interesting way, as only the inhabitants of the house can access the grass roof via the stairs that run from inside the house. Whether you see this modern house from above or from a distance, it blends seamlessly into the stunning landscape.

  • Gary Neville’s Underground House

Magnificent, majestic and magical are some of the words that come to my mind when I see this stunning underground house designed by Make Architects for famous British football star Gary Neville. The 8,000 square foot Teletubbies-style zero-carbon home looks like flower petals from above and is proposed to be built in Bolton, UK

  • Underground Stone Desert Home, Greece

Designed by Deca, this awe-inspiring camouflaged stone house dubbed “Aloni” sits between the slopes of two adjacent hillsides. The house has been designed in a way to blend into the surrounding landscape. The half-buried house with greenery on the outside enjoys contemporary interior and takes in enough of natural light.

  • Cave houses in Iran

Available for purchase and rent, these cave houses in Iran at the foot of Mount Sahand in Kandovan are more than 700 years old. A part of these homes sits above the ground, so these houses aren’t truly underground.

  • Cumbria Underground House

Designed by John Bodger for Phil and Helen Reddy, this environmentally friendlyunderground house in Great Ormside has been dug into the rock. For lighting and power needs, the house makes the most out of natural resources.

  • The $10 million Vivos luxury bunker

If you are quite worried about the future catastrophes, California based company Vivos has a $10 million bunker guarantees you survival. The 20,000-square-foot nuclear blast proofunderground shelter can accommodate 200 people for up to one year has its own power generation, filtration systems, security devices and medical equipment. Each kitchen comes filled with food you could eat for one year. If you think that something bad will happen by end of 2012, you could spend around $50,000 to book your space inside this luxury bunker.

Written by Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

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