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From A Glass Shed, perfect for anywhere but Arizona.


A prefabricated shed sited on a Finnish island provides a perfect summer getaway.

shedded bliss
Helsinki architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth collaborated on a prefab shed-meets-sleeping-cabin, which can be assembled with little else than a screwdriver. Bergroth, inspired by nomadic yurt-dwellers, wanted an indoor/outdoor experience for her property in Finland.

Linda Bergroth had gardening and storage in mind when she developed this scaled-down prefab prototype. The Finnish designer collaborated with Helsinki-based Avanto Architects for two years to perfect the compact unit—now available for purchase from outdoor brand Kekkilä—which artfully merges shed and greenhouse into one wood-framed, gabled-roof, glass-walled structure.

The structure is comprised of sheets of glass, a steel armature, and a wood shed that hugs the rear facade

Sensing its greater potential, she adapted one into a warm-weather retreat for herself on the small island owned by her parents, where she spent childhood summers. Going out to sleep in the shed might sound like an admonition for some, but for Bergroth the opportunity is divine. “The first night I spent there beat any five-star hotel or chateau,” she says. “Nothing has ever felt as luxurious.”

The wood shed portion artfully encapsulates all the domestic detritus that would be anathema within the all-glass sleeping portion.

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