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Curling in Phoenix proves anything can work in AZ

“Curling?”, you might be saying to yourself, “Isn’t that the sport Canadians play? The one where they slide huge rocks across an ice rink?” the answer to that question and the inevitable follow up questions  is YES!

Yes! There is curling in the valley, Yes! there are more than just 3 Canadians who participate, and finally Yes! you can try it out yourself! If you live in north east Scottsdale you’ve inevitably been skating at the Ice Den, the coyotes practice rink.

The Ice Den offers all sorts of entertainment and free skates to the public, but on Tuesday and Thursday nights the den becomes a hotbed of competition. Curling may seem like just a cold version of shuffleboard but there is much more to it than that. Curling is a team sport, it takes concentration and grace that is a hallmark of other ice sports.

Discovering oddities like the Coyotes Curling Club is part of the fun of living in the valley. In big cities like New York and Chicago, scene’s and groups are already established for almost every activity. Here in Arizona however we have more room to allow for groups like this to take hold. Thinking about starting a club or a group in the valley? Just remember that if a curling club in Scottsdale can thrive, you’ll probably be just fine.

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