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Is Tempe quietly becoming a tech hub?

Is Tempe quietly becoming a tech hub?

With groups like, AZ DisruptorsLaunch Spot, and MakerBench, Tempe is quickly becoming the place where AZ startups can find  supportive environment. Tempe has always had a plethora of talent, and now with projects like SkySong seeing such success it’s quickly gaining street-cred in the startup world.

Perhaps what really draws talent here is the fact that Tempe is in Arizona, which consistently ranks as one of the top states to start a business. Although low cost of doing business is always a plus, we like to think it’s the property in Tempe that people flock too.

Want to move your business to Tempe? Remember that you’re going to need somewhere to live, and  Cambridge Properties is the top agency for Lofts and high rises in Tempe!

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